The Logo 

1. Mary and child:  This signifies the essential role of Mary and Jesus in the life of the parish for 50 years. The parish bearing the name of Mary has a unique characteristic as it follows the “fiat” to the mission that entails challenges and hardships. The parish shares the maternal love of Mary towards her parishioners and beyond. 

2. The church: The beauty and uniqueness of the physical appearance of IHMP has been significant in her journey for 50 years. Her “salakot” themed structure signifies the Filipino culture, beauty and grandeur. 

3. The golden heart: This signifies the golden jubilee of IHMP. These 50 significant years of journeying with the people is a fruitful mission all geared towards the glorification of god and the salvation of souls. 

4. The colorful world:  This signifies the action of journeying around the world to serve God’s people. Its different colors signify the diversity of people yet gathered to serve His people. This also speaks of the uniting characteristic of the parish. It is picture of communion amidst differences. This is also in line with the theme: “Ginintuang Puso: Naglalakbay para Maglingkod sa Mundo”.