See the bright side.

By Friland Fernandez

As the sun rises in the East, we too must see our deep whys to see ourselves rise again from this misery.

We are once again deprived of celebrating the Holy Eucharist physically. But have we really been deprived? Or are we just seeing it the way our human self sees it?

Our lamentation for a just and fair implementation of the law with regard to religious and non-religious events is a given. But, we must not allow this to become a distraction to see where Christ’s Kingdom lies. For me, that through the intercession of Mary we may receive Christ in our hearts is what matters.

This seemingly deprivation is just a human suffering but, above all, I see it as an absolute way to contemplate Jesus’ passion when He carries the Cross to Calvary where He is nailed and crucified. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and become worthy of His sacrifices. Our limitations may handcuff us to do unnecessary things rather than allow ourselves the opportunity of dining with our family, hearing folklores from our grandparents before bedtime, among others.

This Holy Week is not just a commemoration of the death of Jesus but rather, an anticipation of His Resurrection. May we always see the bright side of things and continue to be a blessings to others despite many uncertainties.