Parish Age of Legacy (PALM)

We, at the Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM), aim to make the senior citizens and elderly of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish and areas nearby feel how it is to be cared for, not only physically and financially but also spiritually and emotionally. In turn, our dear senior citizens and elderly feel how important they are to society by sharing their wisdom through stories of their experiences in life and the many lessons they have learned given their age.

PALM was founded by our parish priest, Fr. Angelito Ancla, CMF on July 29, 2012. Aside from the senior citizens being close to his heart which was probably brought about by his special closeness to his grandmothers, he realized the need for a ministry for the elderly since there was none in our parish at that time. This Ministry was also inspired by Teresa Charities, a Private Association in the Catholic Church, whose charism is to care to the senior citizens and the elderly especially those who belong to the poor sector of the society.

PALM is composed of youth, adults and senior citizens working hand in hand for the benefit of the seniors and elderly of our parish.

Programs of PALM:

(“I” stands for IHMP)


Program for the on-going formation and training of volunteers so that they can effectively serve the senior citizens.


Program for the spiritual nourishment of both volunteers and beneficiaries


Program for the physical, psycho-emotional and social needs of the beneficiaries.


Program for the home-care and visitation for beneficiaries who have difficulty in leaving the premises of their homes due especially to physical difficulties.


Program for the resource mobilization to support the programs and activities of PALM

So far, the PALM has supported the Parish by helping out with:

*the purchase of handrails for the elderly at the entrance of the


*the landscaping of the Prayer Garden at the parking lot

  • That garden is yours. We invite and encourage you to pray there and to meditate or simply relax in the garden.

*the promotion of the First Saturday devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by sponsoring the 7 am rosary every 1st Sat of the month.

– Snacks are served right after the recitation of the rosary. And a Qigong session is also held for health and wellness.

*the feeding program of the parish

*praying every 3 o’clock in the afternoon for our parish and its senior citizens after saying one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be

– We encourage you to do this as well.

*assisting the elderly during major events in church by providing them with wheelchairs, canes, etc or simply guiding them as they walk

*reaching out to the elderly in the communities by visiting them and giving them gifts

*visiting the elderly in UP Village, Teachers Village East and West and Barangay Central

– Knowing the profile of our villages, it is not so much the financial aspect that is important to our elderly but the company we can provide them, the emotional nourishment we can give.

In 2016, the Ministry’s theme was FAMILY: An Oasis of Mercy for the Senior Citizens. At home, our senior citizens and elderly should find the love, care, happiness, respect, understanding and comfort they so well deserve.

In turn, the LEGACY they will bless the younger generation with should be well appreciated for it will be our guiding light towards our quest for wisdom and most of all, the Lord, our God!

NOTE TO OUR PARISHIONERS: Kindly submit to our parish office the names of all family members residing with you who are 75 years old and above, together with your contact details, so that we can also include them in our special activities for the elderly.




Dear IHMP Senior Citizens, In celebration of the 8th Anniversary of the Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM), we would like to invite you to join the ONLINE Anniversary Mass and ONLINE Mass for IHMP's senior citizens on July 29, 2020, Wednesday, at 6 pm via the IHMPOfficial page on ...
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PALM pre-Valentine’s Gathering “#Love…Ageless and Evergreen”

The Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM) held a pre-Valentine's gathering entitled "#Love...Ageless and Evergreen" last February 9, 2018 from 8:30 am to 11:30 am at Bulwagang Claret. It was attended by the senior citizens of UP Village, Teachers Village East and West and Central Village. An inspirational talk was ...
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PALM @ 5, You…Forever in our Hearts

The Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM) celebrated its 5th year anniversary last July 29, 2017 with a mass and simple salu-salo among its core group members. In line with its anniversary celebration, a gathering of the elderly entitled PALM @ 5, You...Forever in our Hearts, was also held last ...
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Free Flu Vaccination Sept 17, 2017

The Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM), Teresa Charities and the Christian Family Movement (CFM) of the IHMP gave free anti-flu vaccinations to a number of elderly from the different areas under our parish last September 17, 2017. Boosting their health through the vaccinations was a way of showing them ...
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PALM’s Activities for the Senior Citizens

The Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM) is living up to its commitment of being of service to the IHMP’s senior citizens. Last February 17, 2017, a post-Valentine gathering, My Funny Valentine, was held for the senior citizens of UP Village, Teachers Village East and West and Central Village at ...
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PALM Celebrates 4th Anniversary

To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Parish Age of Legacy Ministry (PALM), the Ministry held two major activities for the senior citizens of the parish. The first was on July 30, 2016. Together with Teresa Charities and the Christian Family Movement (CFM), PALM sponsored a wellness talk for the ...
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