By Elaine Urbano

The huge and forward-looking Project PARC n’ PRAY was launched at a holy mass on June 3-4, 2017 with Parish Priest Fr. Lito Ancla, CMF presiding and attended by  the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and Fiesta Committee 2017, headed by the Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and the BEC Leaders.

The acronym stands for

                Parking                                    Parish Church

                Area                         n’             Renovations and

                Repairs and                             Air conditioning

                Concretization and                  Yes Lord we can!


Inspired by Mother Mary’s burning love for God, this significant endeavor primarily aims to make the House of God (the parish church) more conducive to pray and encounter Jesus more intimately, facilitated by better conditions and facilities inside and outside the church.

What a better way to show our love for Mama Mary and our Parish than to become a MISSION PARTNER for PROJECT PARC n’ PRAY!  As we celebrate our 48th Parish fiesta, let us continue to renew our mission as IHMP parishioners by responding to the urgent needs of our church.  Our parish priest, Fr Lito Ancla, CMF and the IHMP Technical Team have identified five major areas of concern that need to be acted upon, namely:

  1. Concreting the church parking area
  2. To beautify the plant boxes and gardens
  3. To improve the church drainage system
  4. To renovate and repair the facilities like toilets, conference rooms, equipment and vehicles
  5. To install air-conditioning system within and other parts of the church

The surrounding areas of this 40-year-old Church structure have been worn out by natural forces.  Leakages and flooding point to the failure of the very old drainage system. Our facilities and function rooms need some repairs too. The pavement and parking areas are now heavily damaged, making it hazardous to our parishioners, especially the elderly who walk on these areas. Minor accidents have been reported in the last few months. Concreting the parking area is seen to solve this issue and will be more economical in the long run instead of asphalting it every five (5) years.

Due to climate change, the heat inside the church has become very uncomfortable. Time will come  when the heat index will become unbearable and detrimental to our health in spite of the presence of the huge ceiling fans.  That is why at this point, Fr. Lito believes that we should start planning for a centralized air-conditioning system for our church.  This will not only encourage more parishioners to celebrate mass in our parish but this will also address a major environmental concern in the future.

How can you be a Mission Partner? You may choose any of the 20 forms of Love Offerings of 20 Hundred Mission Partners for the 20 Million Pesos target.

By God’s grace and our wholehearted cooperation, we know that our dream of building a better parish church will become a reality.  Therefore, we are inviting each parishioner as well as friends, to be pro-active in responding to this mission.

Let us all become MISSION PARTNERS and offer your gifts to the Lord with gratitude and joy so that we can make our dream project a big success.

Representatives from the PPC, Lay Ministers and BEC are stationed at the church entrance every Saturday evening and Sunday during and after every mass to accept your gifts.  For any inquiries or questions about  PROJECT PARC n’ PRAY, you may contact the Parish Office at 922-0029 / (0919) 219-7709 or email us at or

Your  wholehearted donation is your gift to Mama Mary and the Church of today and of future generations. This is our legacy to the Church.