Senior Lectors and Commentators

THE MINISTRY OF Lectors and Commentators

When the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was formed, readers during the Mass were on a voluntary basis. Sometimes it would be the SSJ Sisters; but most of the time it would be lay readers, especially during the daily Masses.

Readers during the Sunday Masses underwent training handled in the early years by the parish priests themselves, Frs. Jess Vasquez, Julian Mateos, Carmelo Aztiz, Fr. Ignacio Blanco, all CMF. There were two other parishioners: Bro. Santi Garcia, and Dr. Alex Casambre who handled thehandled the rigorous training for youngfor young lectors. They were both quite strict and demanding (as were the parish priests). Charo Garcia became a lector in the early 70s around the time her father, Bro. Santi Garcia became its Dean.

But it was during the daily Masses (I used to attend the evening Masses) where volunteers still were acceptable. When no one went up to the ambo (the likes of Sis. Charing Magno, Tita Beulah Nuval, Sis.Diding Damasco, Sis. Mely Valeros, and Sis. Ena Cruz for example) went up to read. But when no one went up, Charo would go and read as the priest celebrant would signal her to go up and read. They would literally get up from their seats in the congregation and walk up to the commentator’s ambo to read, and then go back to the pew after the prayers of the faithful.

When the Ecclesiastical District-North of the Archdiocese of Manila became more organized, the ministries also became more concrete. Formation and renewal sessions were given at the Lay Formation Institute in the San Carlos seminary compound in Guadalupe, Makati. This district became the Diocese of Cubao in 2003 when the Archdiocese of Manila was dividedsplit into several dioceses. In the early years of this millennium, lectors could still leave the ministry and then come back without undergoing the basic formation sessions. However, when the Diocese of Cubao was established, protocols became more systematized which was (and are) good because the pace of updating both in content and form in the Church has been amazing and fast.

The Ministry of Lectors and Commentators of the parish was formally organized by Fr. Domingo Moraleda, CMF in 1984. Its first dean was Dr. Alejandro J. Casambre subsequently followed by Bro. Santi Garcia, Sis. Diding Damasco, Sis. Puring Acuna, Sis. Agie Inocencio, Sis. Betty Hosaka, Bro. Geo Piscascio, Bro. Leo Hernandez, Sis. Cora Abellera, Sis. Arlene Bongosia, Sis. Luchie Fernando, Sis. Antee Hernandez and the current dean is Sis. Loida Flores.

Thirteen years ago, the parish also formed a Junior LeCom group under Fr. Bong Sunaz, CMF together with Fr. Bong Dilag (then a deacon), Bro. Leo Hernandez, Sis Antee Hernandez. and Sis. Malou Aquilizan were the group’s adviser. The first JrLecom president was Ria Cua, followed by Larla Savella, Nathan Tarcelo, Maryanne Abog and currently, Karina Karren Yecla.

The Ministry had two major concerts. The first one was in 2010 with the Music Ministry followed by Ipaghawit with Charo Garcia as Choir Director. Both productions were directed by Antee Bass Hernandez. The funds raised were used in sponsoring the Advent Retreat of the Kabataang Claret and formation of Ministry.

Recruitment for new members usually starts on the second Sunday of each month beginning in March up to August, after which the recruits are required to attend a one-day basic formation seminar given by the Diocese of Cubao. The old members are also required to attend the annual renewal formation which is also conducted by the Diocese of Cubao.

By Charo Garcia and Antee Bass Hernandez

Edited by Chiqui Basmayor and Loida Flores


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