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Knowing God Starts Early At Kids for Christ

At the heart of Kids for Christ (KFC) is the advocacy of “SHARING CHRIST’S JOY TO THE FAMILY and THE WORLD”. The perfect time to introduce the magnificence of the God is NOW. It does not waste time. The formative years of children are the best time to mold Christ-like leaders and transform them into instruments of hope and healing of families, society, and the world. With the continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit, KFC continues to touch the hearts and minds of the future generation right now. Children, after all, are blessings from God. More than just kids playing, KFC is a family ministry spreading the Word of God by living Christ-centered lives.

Children ages 4 years to 8 years make up the Junior Kids for Christ while children ages 9 years to 12 years make up the Senior Kids for Christ. Since KFC wants to reach out to as many young minds as early as possible, it welcomes babies and toddlers ages 1 year to 3 years old in its activities. Knowing God early in life allows children to grow up being messengers of the Good News and become instruments to transform the world

Molding Children to Love and Trust God

No age is too early to create a special relationship with Jesus. Likewise, bringing children closer to Him allows every member of Kids for Christ to appreciate God’s Love. Moreover, this love grows deeper through meaningful relationships with their parents and the people around them. As such, activities for the children focus on how they can apply lessons from the Bible in their home, school, and everyday life. Every second Sunday of the month, members participate in a Parish Kids’ Assembly from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon at the Bulwagan Annex of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church.

In addition, KFC gives importance to the role of parents. As the prime movers of their children’s lives, parents share in the responsibility of guiding them, teaching them, and instilling in them Christian values. This is why during the Parish Kids’ Assembly; parents have a Parents’ Forum. This group discussion equips parents with the knowledge and skills in reinforcing learning from the Parish Kids’ Assembly when they go back home.

Fellowships and activities like Junior Kids’ Day, Senior Kids’ Camp, and Family Enrichment Camps (Family TIES Camp) create stronger ties within the family and among the participants. Moreover, members of Kids for Christ actively participate in parish-initiated activities. KFC has been in charge of the Parish Easter Egg Hunt since 2014. Likewise, it has supported and sponsored the tree planting drive of the parish – Go Grow Rainforest IHMP! Also, every second Sunday of the month, KFC is the mass sponsor at the 9:00 AM Mass when kids and their families offer the bread and wine and read the Prayers of the Faithful. And, as part of its advocacy, KFC assists in the Cornerstone reading tutorial and kids’ values formation at San Vicente Elementary School. During the Global Day of Service in 2015, KFC organized a medical mission for the elderly in the parish. Also, members of Kids for Christ performed during the IHMP 2016 fiesta program. Lastly, KFC members even joined other ministries like the Junior LECOM and the Church Choir.

The Kids for Christ is a ministry dedicated to enriching kids’ lives through the grace of God. This endeavor reaches out to the young in order to build a Christ-centered world.



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Knowing God Starts Early At Kids for Christ At the heart of Kids for Christ (KFC) is the advocacy of "SHARING CHRIST’S JOY TO THE FAMILY and THE WORLD”.  The perfect time to ...
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