ALAB August 2020 Issue Volume 4 No. 1


Dear Parishioners!

Good news! Finally you can now read our very first online IHMP ALAB Newsletter! Despite the many challenges we faced while doing the newsletter, we are proud to have reached this breakthrough and offer a vital tool for evangelization. The Covid-19 pandemic may have affected the various activities of our parish but surely it can never derail your ALAB Team in sharing the most relevant and significant events, news and infornation about our beloved IHMP. We hope that as you read the pages of ALAB, you will be proud of what IHMP has accomplished in the past months. Indeed, we truly thank the Lord and our Blessed Mother for inspiring us to come up with an online newsletter that will help in transforming IHMP into a more renewed, alive and committed parish community. Thank you very much. – ALAB Team/SocCom Ministry


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